Shiba Inu News Pushes SHIB Price Prediction Down As AI Crypto Continues Bullish Sentiment

SHIB news has been plentiful recently, with the beta of Shibarium being trialed, but Shiba Inu’s price hasn’t been following the ‘hype.’

Those who are questioning why SHIB is going down despite what would normally be bullish events may find an explanation here.


Shibarium, the eagerly awaited layer-2 scaling solution, released its beta version on Saturday, according to Shiba Inu developer Shytoshi Kusama.

Early beta testers can now utilize the Puppynet testnet, which runs using tokens that are not investments in any form, according to a blog post by Kusama.

“All tokens on Puppynet are NOT REAL. Don’t spend you’re hard earned SHIBS on these tokens if you see them no matter how hard people, anyone, shills…” Kusama stated in a post that also included a link to a test of the Ethereum scaling protocol.

SHIB Price

With the lack of price action following up the Shibarium hype, analysts are bearish on the memecoin space and are giving a 2025 SHIB price prediction of $0.0000052, around -50% lower than the current price. With such an inflated market cap and lack of genuine reason to buy SHIB other than speculation, the SHIB price predictions are looking bad overall for the next few years, at least based on the current Shiba Inu ecosystem.

AI Crypto

AI Cryptocurrency is gearing up to be some of the best investments of 2023, with many high-quality products hitting the market.

One of these possibilities is Avorak AI. The organization is working to develop a range of machine-learning solutions that can streamline traders’ previous trading patterns, help authors with AI writing tools, and produce original images from text.

If all goes well, the AVRK token will be used as a credit to acquire these things, which should significantly raise demand for the token as the need for the products rises.

Also, users who own AVRK will receive a portion of the AVRK that is paid to use the AI systems, providing a double use case that dwarfs that of other cryptocurrencies.

This is causing Avorak to gain traction on Youtube and is a driving force behind their high ICO performance so far, especially after their 100% pass audit.

Over time, this dual-use case is anticipated to generate significant buying pressure and drive prices up significantly more than meme tokens such as SHIB.

Want to learn more about Avorak AI?


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